Official Launch of our Youtube Channel

Community engagement, participation and education is pretty import to us here at TLP. As part of that, we are involved in organizing and finding speakers for relevant local meetup groups.

We are glad to do this (we wouldn’t unless we found it inherently interesting), but it’s unfortunately been useful to date only if you live in Austin, TX or Wellington, NZ. Given that, we recently went out and bought some video cameras (consumer grade, nothing fancy) in an effort to get further reach for, what we think anyway, is valuable content.

Therefore, without further ado, we present our very own Youtube channel:

We have three videos up there currently - all from recent meetups in the Austin, TX area. We’ll be adding more content as we continue to attend and organize locally. We will of course be focusing on Apache Cassandra and immediately related technologies, but expect occasional python or DevOps meetups to show up as well.

Additionally, we’ll have a series of shorter-form screen casts coming out, demonstrating some common operational and programming how-tos with Cassandra.

Currently Available Content:

cassandra video community