With Apache Cassandra 4.0 just around the corner, and the feature freeze on trunk lifted, let’s take a dive into the efforts ongoing with the project’s testing and Continuous Integration systems.

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We’re pleased to announce that Reaper 2.2 for Apache Cassandra was just released. This release includes a major redesign of how segments are orchestrated, which allows users to run concurrent repairs on nodes. Let’s dive into these changes and see what they mean for Reaper’s users.

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In a previous blog post recommending disabling read repair chance, some flamegraphs were generated to demonstrate the effect read repair chance had on a cluster. Let’s go through how those flamegraphs were captured, step-by-step using Apache Cassandra 3.11.6, Kubernetes and the cass-operator, nosqlbench and the async-profiler.

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Apache Cassandra’s default value for num_tokens is about to change in 4.0! This might seem like a small edit note in the CHANGES.txt, however such a change can have a profound effect on day-to-day operations of the cluster. In this post we will examine how changing the value for num_tokens impacts the cluster and its behaviour.

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I’m happy, excited, and extremely proud to announce The Last Pickle has been acquired by DataStax.

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Reaper is our tool for managing repairs for Apache Cassandra.

tlp-stress is our tool for benchmarking Apache Cassandra clusters.

tlp-cluster is our tool for quickly provisioning Apache Cassandra clusters for test purposes.