Several new observability features will be part of the next major Apache Cassandra 4.0 release. We covered virtual tables in an earlier blog post and now would like to give a preview of another new feature, Diagnostic Events, which provide real time insight into your Cassandra internals.

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Cassandra Reaper 2.0 was released a few days ago, bringing the (long awaited) sidecar mode along with a refreshed UI. It also features support for Apache Cassandra 4.0, diagnostic events and thanks to our new committer, Saleil Bhat, Postgres can now be used for all distributed modes of Reaper deployments, including sidecar.

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Spotify and The Last Pickle (TLP) have collaborated over the past year to build Medusa, a backup and restore system for Apache Cassandra which is now fully open sourced under the Apache License 2.0.

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TLP is looking to hire someone in America to work with us on tough problems for some of the biggest and smallest companies in the world. We help our customers get the best out of Apache Cassandra, and we have a really simple approach: be smart, be nice, and try to make it fun. Our customers range from large corporates to well-known internet companies to small startups. They call on TLP to fix and improve the Cassandra clusters they use to deliver products and services to millions of users, and sometimes to hundreds of millions. We’ve been doing this since 2011 so if you have used the internet there is a good chance TLP has worked with at least one company you have visited.

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Reaper is our tool for managing repairs for Apache Cassandra.

tlp-stress is our tool for benchmarking Apache Cassandra clusters.

tlp-cluster is our tool for quickly provisioning Apache Cassandra clusters for test purposes.