TLP will be at Datastax Accelerate 2019

The Last Pickle will be presenting at DataStax Accelerate on May 21-23, 2019 in the US in National Harbor.

DataStax Accelerate is the largest Apache Cassandra conference since the last Apache Cassandra Summit which took place in 2016 in San Jose.

We are very happy to be a bronze sponsor of the conference and will be giving two talks:

  • Wed May 22nd at 4:40pm in Track 1 - Repair Improvements in Apache Cassandra 4.0 - by Alexander Dejanovski
    The Anti-Entropy process used by nodetool repair is the way of ensuring consistency of data on disk. Incremental repair was introduced in Cassandra 2.1 to speed up the operation but in Cassandra 3.11 it is still subject to bugs that can severely impact a production cluster stability. In this talk, we will detail how incremental repair was fixed for the upcoming 4.0 release of Apache Cassandra.

  • Thu May 23rd at 11:40am in Track 1 - 10 Easy Ways To Tune Your Cassandra Cluster - by Jon Haddad
    There’s a direct correlation between database performance and how much it costs to run. If you’re using the default Cassandra and OS configuration, you’re not getting the most out of your cluster. Not even close. In this talk, Jon Haddad, Principal Consultant at The Last Pickle, will show you how to understand where your cluster bottlenecks are, then 10 easy ways to improve its performance and cut costs.

In addition, we will have a booth in the expo hall where you can meet us. Feel free to join us if you want to have demos of the OSS tools we contribute to (tlp-cluster, tlp-stress, Reaper, cstar) or just have a chat about Apache Cassandra.

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