Reaper has its own site!

We’re delighted to introduce, the dedicated site for the open source Reaper project! Since we adopted Reaper from the incredible folks at Spotify, we’ve added a significant number of features, expanded the supported versions past 2.0, added support for incremental repair, and added a Cassandra backend to simplify operations.

The road ahead is looking promising. We’re working to improve the Cassandra backend even further, leveraging Cassandra’s multi-dc features to enable multi-dc repair as well as fault tolerance for Reaper itself. We’ve tested this work internally as The Last Pickle as well as received community feedback. In addition to the site, we’ve also set up a Gitter based chat to keep development out in the open as well as help foster the community.

Over time we’re looking to expand the functionality of Reaper past handling just repairs. We would love for the Reaper WebUI to be the easiest way to perform all administrative tasks to a Cassandra cluster.

cassandra reaper