The Last Pickle Relaunch

I’m extremely happy today to be announcing that Nate McCall and I have started working together. We’ll be continuing the journey I started over two years ago; working with clients to deliver and improve Apache Cassandra based solutions. We both feel that continuing to contribute to the Cassandra Community is a critical part of our success, and that of our clients. And we are looking forward to combining our efforts on both these fronts.

I’ve known Nate for three years, and there is no one else in the world I would rather be working with. He was first introduced to Cassandra when working at Verve, where he become a major contributor to the Hector Java library. From there he went to DataStax where he got intimately involved with the Cassandra code base. In his time at Apigee he built a team that used Cassandra to create a Backend-As-A-Service platform. On a personal level I’ve always found him willing to share his knowledge and experience with those who ask.

If you would like to work with us please email info@thelastpickle. Or if you’d like to follow our adventures we are on Twitter as @thelastpickle.