Cassandra Austin Meetup February 2016

I finally got a chance last night to make it back to Austin’s Cassandra Meetup group and present a newer version of my Hardening Cassandra talk. I really like going to this group when I can, because we get a wide variety of skill sets and backgrounds. Austin is just eclectic like that!

Unlike my experience with this topic in Seattle last month where we had a lot of active Cassandra users with little security knowledge, most folks in the room had security backgrounds, but were new to Cassandra and had been tasked with hardening a new cluster. It was a good fit and I’m pretty sure attendees got what they needed.

If securing Cassandra is a topic of interest to you, please see some of my previous posts on logging exposure and node to node encryption. As always, feel free to tweet at me you have any questions on this.

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