At the end of July, support for Java 11 was merged into the Apache Cassandra trunk, which will be shipped in the next major release, Cassandra 4.0. Prior to this, Cassandra 3.0 only ran using Java 8, since there were breaking changes in Java that prevented it from run on later versions. Cassandra now supports both Java 8 and 11.

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This is our third post in our series on performance tuning with Apache Cassandra. In our first post, we discussed how we can use Flame Graphs to visually diagnose performance problems. In our second post, we discussed JVM tuning, and how the different JVM settings can have an affect on different workloads.

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During a cluster’s lifespan, there will be scenarios where a node has been offline for longer than the gc_grace_seconds window or has entered an unrecoverable state. Due to CASSANDRA-6961’s introduction in Cassandra 2.0.7, the process for reviving nodes that have been offline for longer than gc_grace_seconds has been dramatically shortened in cases where the cluster does not ingest deletion mutations.

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We are happy to announce the release of Cassandra Reaper 1.2!

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