Auto bootstrapping is a handy feature when it comes to growing an Apache Cassandra cluster. There are some unknowns about how this feature works which can lead to data inconsistencies in the cluster. In this post I will go through a bit about the history of the feature, the different knobs and levers available to operate it, and resolving some of the common issues that may arise.

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The Last Pickle (TLP) intends to hire a project manager in the US to work directly with customers in the US and around the world. You will be part of the TLP team, coordinating and managing delivery of high-quality consulting services including expert advice, documentation and run books, diagnostics and troubleshooting, and proof-of-concept code.

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This blog post describes how to monitor Apache Cassandra using the Intel Snap open source telemetry framework. The document also covers some introductory knowledge on how monitoring in Cassandra works. It will use Apache Cassandra 3.0.10 and the resulting monitoring metrics will be visualised using Grafana. Docker containers will be used for Intel Snap and Grafana.

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The amount of metrics your platform is collecting can overwhelm a metrics system. This is a common problem as many of today’s metrics solutions like Graphite do not scale successfully. If you don’t have the option to use a metrics backend that can scale, like DataDog, you’re left trying to find a way to cut back the number of metrics you’re collecting. This blog goes through some customisations that provide improvements alleviating Graphite’s inability to scale. It describes how to install and use customisations made to the metrics and metrics-reporter-config libraries used in Cassandra.

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