The nodetool assassinate command is meant specifically to remove cosmetic issues after nodetool decommission or nodetool removenode commands have been properly run and at least 72 hours have passed. It is not a command that should be run under most circumstances nor included in your regular toolbox. Rather the lengthier nodetool decommission process is preferred when removing nodes to ensure no data is lost. Note that you can also use the nodetool removenode command if cluster consistency is not the primary concern.

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In our previous post, “Should you use incremental repair?”, we recommended to use subrange full repairs instead of incremental repair as CASSANDRA-9143 could generate some severe instabilities on a running cluster. As the 4.0 release approaches, let’s see how incremental repair was modified for the next major version of Apache Cassandra in order to become reliable in production.

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One of the longest lived features in Cassandra is the ability to allow a node to store data on more than one than one directory or disk. This feature can help increase cluster capacity or prevent a node from running out space if bootstrapping a new one will take too long to complete. Recently I was working on a cluster and saw how this feature has the potential to silently cause problems in a cluster. In this post we will go through some fine print when configuring Cassandra to use multiple disks.

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At the end of July, support for Java 11 was merged into the Apache Cassandra trunk, which will be shipped in the next major release, Cassandra 4.0. Prior to this, Cassandra 3.0 only ran using Java 8, since there were breaking changes in Java that prevented it from run on later versions. Cassandra now supports both Java 8 and 11.

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