After seeing a lot of questions surrounding incremental repair on the mailing list and after observing several outages caused by it, we figured it would be good to write down our advices in a blog post.

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We had the pleasure to release our monitoring dashboards designed for Apache Cassandra on Datadog last week. It is a nice occasion to share our thoughts around Cassandra Dashboards design as it is a recurrent question in the community.

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In celebration of National Pickle Day, we’re proud to announce the 1.0 version of Reaper for Apache Cassandra. This release is a huge milestone for us. We’d like to start by thanking everyone who’s reported bugs and helped us test. We’d especially love to give a huge thank you to the teams which have sponsored development of the project along the way.

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In this blog post we will take a look at consistency mechanisms in Apache Cassandra. There are three reasonably well documented features serving this purpose:

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