Cassandra Reaper 1.4 was just released with security features that now expand to the whole REST API.

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Over the last few years, we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing clusters, answering questions on the Cassandra User mailing list, and helping folks out on IRC. During this time, we’ve seen the same issues come up again and again. While we regularly go into detail on individual topics, and encourage folks to read up on the fine print later, sometimes teams just need a starting point to help them get going. This is our basic tuning checklist for those teams who just want to get a cluster up and running and avoid some early potholes.

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Welcome to the third post in our cstar series. So far, the first post gave an introduction to cstar, while the second post explained how to extend cstar with custom commands. In this post we will look at cstar’s cousin cstarpar. Both utilities deliver the same topology-aware orchestration, yet cstarpar executes commands locally, allowing operations cstar is not capable of.

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