Monitoring Cassandra with Riemann

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at O’Reilly’s OSCON conference in Portland. This was my first year at OSCON, and I had a great time.

A quick overview of my experience:

  • I met many people from all parts of the open source community.
  • There was a wide variety of sessions and tutorials presented by really good speakers.
  • Of all of the conferences I have attended, OSCON 2014 had the greatest percentage of women as speakers and attendees.

As for my talk, I discussed how to track your Cassandra cluster’s performance using Riemann, a Clojure-based monitoring system. Paired with AddThis’ metrics-reporter-config, Cassandra can be set up to stream metrics to a custom reporter. Riemann, along with a graphing tool, can then be used to aggregate metrics across nodes with ease.

Performance Dashboard

You can find the slides for my talk on monitoring Cassandra with Riemann on Slideshare.

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