TLP Is Hiring Another Cassandra Expert

TLP is looking to hire someone in America to work with us on tough problems for some of the biggest and smallest companies in the world. We help our customers get the best out of Apache Cassandra, and we have a really simple approach: be smart, be nice, and try to make it fun. Our customers range from large corporates to well-known internet companies to small startups. They call on TLP to fix and improve the Cassandra clusters they use to deliver products and services to millions of users, and sometimes to hundreds of millions. We’ve been doing this since 2011 so if you have used the internet there is a good chance TLP has worked with at least one company you have visited.

You will be part of the globally-distributed Consulting team. In the team you will use your expert Cassandra experience and knowledge to work directly with our customers to solve their problems, improve their processes, and build their Cassandra skills. Your teammates will rely on you to review their work, question their assumptions, and help them when they get stuck; as you will of them. This is the only way we know works when the team is asked to solve problems no one else can. When given time you will enjoy participating in the Apache Cassandra community and contributing to our open source projects which have wide usage. In short you will be smart, like working with people of all skill levels, and get a buzz out of connecting with other people and helping them.

About The Role

  • You will be part of the Consulting team distributed in 7 countries in Asia-Pacific, America, and Europe with diverse backgrounds.
  • You will get to work with large and small companies from around the world and together we will find the best ways to help their teams be successful.
  • You will occasionally be required to work outside of normal business hours with customers or your team members. We provide limited on-call support during business hours, and occasional extended support for our customers.
  • You will understand the customer comes first, and will be able to get a quick response to them if they need one. Then you will follow-up with the full TLP knowledge dump :)
  • We provide our customers expert advice including troubleshooting, performance tuning, scaling and upgrading, data modelling, monitoring, automation, hardware selection, and training. With the aim of delivering documentation and video so that if the event happens again they are able to solve it by themselves. We work in a highly-collaborative way even though we are widely distributed. Most things we do for customers are checked by a team member, and we are comfortable admitting we are wrong in front of each other and our customers.

About You

  • You will have 3+ years experience using, operating, and working on Cassandra or be able to convince us you know enough already.
  • You will be fluent with Java, and ideally at least comfortable with Python or Bash (or a similar scripting language).
  • You will be able to demonstrate contributions to open source projects and be familiar with the workflow.
  • You will be comfortable speaking to an audience and ideally have previously spoken about Cassandra at an event. At TLP you will be able to speak about complex ideas to the rest of the team, our customers, or a full room at a conference.
  • You will be able to communicate complex ideas in writing or interpretive dance, and have previous examples of either. At TLP you will be able to write effective ticket updates or run books for customers, blog posts for TLP, or participate in a weekend dance workshop on the frailty of the human condition and consistency in partition tolerant distributed databases.

About TLP

The Last Pickle has been helping customers get the most out of Apache Cassandra since March 2011. We are a successful, self-funded startup with a great customer list, and a great team. We get to spend time on open source tools and researching how best to use Cassandra, as we strive to be a research driven consultancy.

If this sounds like the right job for you let us know by emailing

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